Pengaruh Perempelan Terhadap Produksi Tanaman Cabai Merah Besar (Capsicum Annum L. )


  • Futuh Muafi Universitas Islam Jember
  • Silvia Fitri Mei Arini Universitas Islam Jember


Increasing of Chili production can be apply with various of methodologies one of them  by giving treatment to chili crop. Among of general practice treatment  done by several of  farmer is using  waters bud sealing growth in chili crop leaf axillary. Sealing is the effort or removal activity of waters bud which growth from leafs axillary. This bud is not productive and will distrubes absolute growth. Therefore, lateral bud ough  to seal and removal. The aim of this research to investigate the effectiveness of sealing red chili crop (Capsicum annum L.) production, and to identfy the effect of the big red chili (Capsicum annum L.) quality. This research carried out on february- june  2018 at Krajan, Ampel, Wuluhan, Jember, Jawa Timur. This research occur during 4 month begind on february - june  2018, totally consist of four treatments one control by three times of examined, in each treatment AO= Sealing as Control 0%, Al= 25% Sealing, A2= Sealing 50%, A3= Sealing 75%, A4= Sealing 100%.  This testing conducted by F- test is using variant  analysing (ANOVA) if occur the signficant effect it  will continue with  5% Duncan test. Based on ANOVA test  that has been done that sealing concern on big red chili crop is not obvious on the effect of observation parameter for instance (high of plant, fruit weigh, amount of fruit, longevity of flowering) and has the obvious effect observation parameter of harvesting longevity. 

Keywords: Chili production, Leafs axillary, Sealing