JURNAL AGROPLANT http://ejurnal.uij.ac.id/index.php/AGR <p>Agroplant is a journal published by the Faculty of Agriculture, Islamic University of Jember, Indonesia. The following scientific journals are for publishing research papers in agricultural technology and agricultural engineering. Agroplant has p_issn 1907-7092- e_issn 2809-5677 . The Agroplant Journal is published twice a year in July and January.</p> Program Studi Agroteknologi en-US JURNAL AGROPLANT 1907-7092 ANALISIS KORELASI ANTAR ORGAN TANAMAN JAMBU MADU DELI HIJAU http://ejurnal.uij.ac.id/index.php/AGR/article/view/1430 <p><em>Water guava is one type of fruit plant that contains quite a lot of nutrients, so it is very liked by most people. Deli honey water guava is one of the superior cultivars which is an introduced variety from Taiwan under the name Jade Rose Aple. This water guava has long been growing in North Sumatra for ± 10 years. The leaves on the water guava plant are included in the type of single leaf which are located scattered on the branches and twigs of the tree, the basic shape of the leaves is oval with a flat leaf edge. The tip of the leaf is blunt and the base is rounded which has a length of about 13-20 cm and a width of 5-7 cm. Water guava flowers are compound flowers, they are shaped like coral, located in the armpits of the leaves and the flower petals are funnel-shaped. Yellowish green flower color, stamens measuring 3.5 cm, white and there are more than 20 stamens. This research was conducted in Pancakarya Village, Ajung District, Jember Regency which was carried out on 26 September 2020 to 25 November 2020. The purpose of measuring the correlation between plant organs and plant productivity, the method used was correlation regression. Very low correlation occurs between branch length and diameter of the base, middle and tip as well as correlation between unit fruit weight and fruit diameter and fruit length.length</em><em>).</em>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Keywords</strong>: Correlation, fruit, leaves, stems</p> muhammad nasihin M. Zaedan Fitri Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL AGROPLANT 2022-01-25 2022-01-25 5 1 53 59 Pengaruh Konsentrasi Pupuk Mikro dan Magnesium Phospat terhadap Pertumbuhan dan Produksi Kacang Tanah (Arachis hypogeae L.) http://ejurnal.uij.ac.id/index.php/AGR/article/view/1431 <p><em>One of the effort to improve peanut production can be done with fertilization. Effect of fertilizer to the land is to create a high level of nutrients and can improve the quality of crops. Fertilization through leaves meant that the nutrients can be absorbed quickly by plants. macro elements such as magnesium (mg) and micronutrients such as phosphate (P) and micro nutrients that plants need more peanuts. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of Micro and Magnesium Phosphate fertilizer on the growth and production of groundnut (Arachis hypogeae L.). This research was conducted in paddy fields in August up to November 2016, in the village Kertonegoro, district Jenggawah Jember district. The study was conducted using a randomized block design (RAK) consisted of two factors with three replications. The first factor is the concentration of fertilizer Micro (M) consisting of 0 g/l (M0), 0.125 g/l (M1), 0.25 g/l (M2) and the second factor is the concentration of Magnesium Phosphate fertilizer 0 ml/l ( MgP0); MgP1 {2 ml/l (in preparation for planting, flower formation, fruit and ripening fruit), 0.5 ml/l at 15 HST and 1 ml/l each 1 week)} and MgP2 (Magnesium Phosphate Concentrations 2x standard). The results showed that the fertilizer Micro with a concentration of 0.25 g/l (M2) influence as much as 22.13 nyataterhadap number of pods and pod weight of 43.78 grams. Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer with standard concentration (MgP1) significantly affect the number of branches as much as 5.38, while the Magnesium Phosphate fertilizers with standard 2x concentration (MgP2) significantly affect stover weight of 22.89 grams. The combination of Micro and Magnesium Phosphate fertilizers (M2MgP1) get the highest number of leaves at age 21 HST as many as 9.13</em><em>.</em>&nbsp;<strong>Keywords</strong>: Peanuts, Micro Fertilizer, Magnesium Phosphate</p> nurid Endang Sri Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL AGROPLANT 2022-06-15 2022-06-15 5 1 60 70