Analisis Keterpaduan Antara Pasar Agropolitan Seroja Dan Pasar Wates Wetan Kabupaten Lumajang Pada Komoditas Pisang Agung Semeru dan Pisang Mas Kirana


  • Khoirotun Nisa' Universitas Islam Jember


Market integration is an indicator of marketing efficiency, integration can be seen from how much information is delivered between markets. This study aims to determine market integration between the Seroja Agropolitan Market and the Wates Wetan Market in Lumajang Regency on the commodities of Pisang Agung Semeru and Pisang Mas Kirana. The method used is descriptive analytic. Sampling using simple random sampling method, the research data used are primary and secondary data which were analyzed by correlation analysis. The results showed (1) there is a strong integration between the Seroja Agripolitan Market and the Wates Wetan Market based on the price of Semeru Agung Banana. (2) There is no market integration between Seroja Agropolitan Market and Pasar Wates Wetan.

Keywords: Keterpaduan Pasar, Harga Pisang Agung Semeru, Harga Pisang Mas Kirana,