About the Journal

Kubis is a journal published by the Faculty of Agriculture, Islamic University of Jember, wich publishe twice a year in May and November (P-ISSN: 2808-5434, E-ISSN: 2808-4799). The Kubis Journal was first published on online media in November 2021.

Kubis is a journal that contains scientific-based research in the socio-economic field. The scope published in this journal is in the form of marketing, institutional, and policy in agriculture.

The publication of articles in the Kubis journal is an important building in the development of knowledge that is upheld and upheld. This is a direct reflection of the quality of the work of the authors and the institutions that support them. It is therefore important to agree on standards of expected ethical behavior for all parties involved in the act of publishing: authors, journal editors, peer reviewers, publishers, and the public.

The Faculty of Agriculture, Islamic University of Jember as the publisher of the Kubis Journal is committed to running and being responsible for all publications. We are also committed to ensuring that commercial interests do not impact or influence editorial decisions.

The Journal Editor has the right to decide which of the articles is submitted for publication.