Focus and Scope

Kubis is a journal published regularly by the Agribusiness Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Islamic University of Jember. Kubis is published twice a year, namely in May and November. Kubis is a journal that contains the results of thoughts or ideas, models, and research in social, economic, sharia, and agricultural policies. This journal includes original research articles, review articles, and brief communications about studies such as:

  • Sharia Agribusiness;
  • Agricultural economy;
  • Agribusiness Management;
  • Marketing of Agricultural Products;
  • Rural Development;
  • Agribusiness Planning;
  • Agricultural/Agribusiness Feasibility;
  • Rural Sociology;
  • Agricultural Development;
  • Marketing Management;
  • Agribusiness Development Strategy;
  • Agribusiness Entrepreneurship;
  • Agricultural Processed Products