Author Guidlines

Agroplant Journal is one of the media per semester published by the Faculty of Agriculture, Agrotechnology Study Program, Islamic University of Jember (UIJ) as an effort to publish ideas, both theoretically and practically. Agroplant journal is intended for experts, researchers, academics, practitioners, observers in the field of agriculture, especially in the field of agricultural technology.

Like other journals, the Agroplant Journal appears in the scientific format of a journal, so that articles sent for publication must meet the requirements of scientific writing. To facilitate the correction of the manuscript, it is hoped that the writing meets the following conditions:


  1. Manuscripts are appointed from the results of research or studies in the field of agricultural science and have never been published in other journal.
  2. The manuscript is written using the Palatino Linotype 12 font with a distance of 1.5 spaces from the top edge 4. Bottom 3, left right 2.5cm.
  3. Manuscripts are written in standard terms and in good and correct language.
  4. The manuscript is equipped with the title of the article, the author's name, the author's email, the author's institution.
  5. The title of the article must be specific and straightforward which is formulated with a maximum of 14 words (Indonesian), which describes the contents of the article comprehensively, Bold and Uppercase, the writing of the Latin name is still adjusted to the standard format. For writing English titles (12 pt, Italic, Capioital Each Word).
  6. Abstract written in a clear, complete and complete way describing the substance of the entire writing in English, a maximum of 250-300 words with 1 space, Palatino Linotype 12 pt, and Keyword: in English, sorted alphabetically a maximum of 7 words.
  7. The maximum length of the manuscript is 15 pages with A4 paper size.
  8. Manuscripts are written systematically consisting of article title, author's name, author's email, author's institution, abstract, introduction, problem formulation, research objectives, research methods, results and discussion and conclusions