Author Guidline

General Requirements

Jurnal Axioma: Jurnal Matematika dan Pembelajaran accept articles in Indonesian and English. Articles that have been submitted by the authors will go through the first review stage by the editorial team and if appropriate, they will then be processed in a blinded review by the reviewers. Articles must meet the criteria for similarity to Turnitin of 25%. The presentation of the article bibliography must use reference management such as Mendeley, Zotero, etc. The contents of the article are presented using Calisto MT, size 12 pt with 1.15 spacing. Authors can see the format of the article on the following page template.


Structure of The Manuscript

  1. The header of the journal contains, the name of the journal, volume and number of issues, ISSN, pages of the article, and symbol of the journal.
  2. Title. The title should describe the content of the paper, the maximum word is 15 words. The title is presented in Indonesian and English with Calisto MT and font size 14 pt and uses single spacing.
  3. Author profile, authors’ profiles are presented in the form of full names of all authors, e-mail addresses, and instances of all authors, which is presented with Calisto MT and font size 11 pt and uses single spacing.
  4. Abstract and keywords. The abstract should be less than 250 words; without citation. The Abstract section must contain the research objectives, research methods, results, and conclusions. Please provide the abstract in both Indonesian and English versions which is presented with Calisto MT and font size 11 pt and use single spacing. Keywords are taken from the variable that is included in the title.
  5. Intoduction. This section describes the background of the research, state of the art, gap analysis and novelty, the problem of the research, solutions, and the objective of the research.
  6. Method. This section describes the kind and method of the research design or procedure, subject, location, sample technique (if any), sample used must be specific and clear in number, variables to be measured, research instruments, data collection techniques, and data analysis techniques.
  7. Results and Discussion. This section describes the results of the research. It should be presented clearly and concisely. The author should explore the research result, the novelty, the impact, or the contribution of the work to the mathematics education literature.
  8. Conclusion and Suggestion. The conclusion should be an answer to the question or research objective and should be written in a paragraph or more. The suggestions present things related to this research or what will be conducted to further ideas from the research.
  9. References are required a minimum of 25 references either from articles or books related to the topic raised. References not more than the last 10 years. References are required to use the references manager as Mendeley, Zotero, etc
  10. Citations and bibliography use the American Psychological Association (APA) style 6th Edition.
  11. The footer of the journal contains, the names of authors, and the keywords
  12. Table, the table uses single spacing, then the number and title of the table are written at the top with a center alignment, the form of the table can be seen in the template presented,
  13. Picture, the picture number, and the title are written at the bottom with a center alignment, the form of the picture can be seen in the template presented,
  14. Furthermore, the format for writing articles can be seen on the following page template

Submission Preparation Checklist

  1. Registration and login are required to submit manuscripts and their accessories online and to check the current status of manuscripts.
  2. As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines;
  3. The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor);
  4. Articles that have gone through the review process by reviewers are not allowed to be withdrawn for cancellation of publication if the author insists on canceling publication, a penalty of 75% of the total costs incurred until the article is published and the agency where the author will be blacklisted and not accepted for publishing the article in Jurnal Axioma: Jurnal Matematika dan Pembelajaran
  5. The submission file uses Microsoft Word. The file size is not more than 2 MB;
  6. When the author fills in the metadata, please enter the data of all authors and their email
  7. Follow up, contact the contact provided if the author has submitted an article.