Focus and Scope

Jurnal Consulenza: Bimbingan Konseling dan Psikologi, focuses on the development of the fields of Guidance Counseling and Psychology. In this field, the scope of publication in the Consulenza Journal is:

  1. Individual Counseling
  2. Group Counseling
  3. Family Counseling
  4. Islamic Counseling
  5. Community Counseling
  6. Developmental Counseling
  7. Multicultural Counseling
  8. Career Counseling
  9. Special Needs Counseling
  10. Art of Counseling
  11. Instrumentation in Counseling
  12. Guidance and Counselling Administration and Supervision
  13. Guidance and Counselling Management and Evaluation
  14. Guidance and Counselling Technology and Information
  15. Media for Guidance and Counselling
  16. E-Counseling
  17. Developmental Psychology
  18. Educational Psychology
  19. Social Psychology