Author Guidelines

Instructions for Authors Medio Journal Ilmu Komunikasi

  1. ARTICLES written for Medio Jurnal Ilmu komunikasi includes :
  • articles the results of research in the field of communication.
  • written in Indonesian or English.
  • Manuscripts are typed in the Microsoft Word program, areal letters arial 12 pts in size, 1.15 spaces, standard margins (top 2.5 cm, bottom 2.5 cm, outside 2.5 cm, and inside 2.7 cm), A4 paper size 15-25 pages long.
  1. The SYSTEMATICS of the research results is the title, author's name (accompanied by institutional address, telephone number, and e-mail address), abstract / abstract (accompanied by keywords), introduction, research method, results of research and discussion, conclusions, and bibliography.
  2. The TITLE of the article in Indonesian is no more than 12 words, where as in English no more than 10 words. The title is written in the middle, with a letter size of 16 pts.
  3. The AUTHOR's IDENTITY name for the article is included without an academic degree, accompanied by the name and address of the institution, and placed below the article title. If the text is written by a team, the editor is only related to the main author (the author whose name is listed first).
  4. ABSTRACT and are written in two languages ​​(Indonesian and English). The length of each abstract is 100-150 words. Minimal abstract contains problems, objectives, methods, concepts, and results of research and discussion.
  5. KEYWORDS accompanied by keywords of 3-5 words
  1. INTRODUCTION  shouldconsist of:
  • background problem with supporting data must be attached
  • the article results of the study contains the background, the research context, the results of the literature review, and the research objectives.
  • The introduction section does not need to be given an introductory sub-title.
  • research objectives and review of relevant research. 
  • the relevant theoretical foundation/concept.
  • tells results and comparison with the theory and/or results of similar research
  1. RESEARCH METHODS should consist of:
  • exposure in paragraph form about research design,
  • the type of research, (each citation must be attached),
  • subject and object,
  • data collection conducted by researchers
  • data analysis techniques, with a length of 10-15% of the total length of the article.
  • the location and time of the research.
  1. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION should contain:
  • The analysis relating to the research purpose.
  • The findings of the research, supported by a number of references (Journal of 80% + non-journal 20% with year reference max 10 years),
  • Results should contain at least one table or one picture and maximum 6,
  • The sources should write on the left bottom of the table.
  • The title of the table placed above the table, left margin, 14-point arial, bold, and space 1.
  • Tables created with a vertical line. See example below.