Author Guidlines

The guidelines for manuscript authors can be outlined as follows:

  1. Manuscripts are written in Indonesian or English, with 1.15 spaced lines, Tahoma 11 font, A4 paper size, one column format, and margins (top 4 cm; left 3 cm; bottom 3 cm; right 2 cm).
  2. A scientific submission should not be longer than 3500-5000 words, or about 10-12 pages, including any accompanying figures, graphs, or tables (if any).
  3. Italicize any foreign or local language terms in the text.
  4. The article structure does not include a literature review. Thus, citations of essential literature might be incorporated into the introduction chapter or the discussion.
  5. The citation of literature in the discussion is only as necessary and the discussion of the results of the analysis is preferred.
  6. Scientific publications submitted for publication in scientific journals must include a manuscript assessment sheet completed by the journal's bestary partner, a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) for publishing from the journal's editorial board and a copyright transfer statement.