Pengaruh Intensitas Penggunaan Gadget Terhadap Konsep Diri


  • Lutfah Rosalina Universitas Islam Jember, Indonesia
  • Arifin Nur Budiono Universitas Islam Jember, Indonesia
  • Wahyuni Wahyuni Universitas Islam Jember, Indonesia


This research was conducted to find out the extent of the influence of the intensity of the use of gadgets on the self-concept of class XI SMA Plus Al-Hasan Panti. The research method used is quantitative method and simple correlation. The participants were taken randomly using simple random sampling. This research was conducted by distributing a questionnaire to a predetermined sample. Based on the statistical test using the Pearson product-moment test, the r-value was 0.317 compared to the r table, the results obtained were 0.213. Further, the t-value was 3,064 compared to the t table, the results were 1,989, which means Ha was accepted and HO was rejected. Therefore, the gadget has a positive correlation with the students’ self-concept.

Keywords: gadgets, self concept




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Rosalina, L., Budiono, A. N., & Wahyuni, W. (2019). Pengaruh Intensitas Penggunaan Gadget Terhadap Konsep Diri. Jurnal Educazione : Jurnal Pendidikan, Pembelajaran Dan Bimbingan Dan Konseling, 7(2), 53–60. Retrieved from




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